How to get fields on Sales Quotation report in ax 2012


I want get fields on sales quotation report which we added at sales SalesQuotationLine table

how to achieve whatever we added customization fields i want to print on Sales quotation report.

You need to add the same fields in the temp table that is used by the report and update them in related DP class.
Have a look at \Classes\SalesQuotationDP\setSalesQuotationDetailsTmp

Hi kranthi ,
i added fields in temp table .
salesQuotationTmp.splremark == salesquotationline.splremark
is it work ?

Where you have written this code?

after creation of temp table, in ProcessReport() method using select queries, fill the desired result in temp table and insert like below:

public void processReport()
salesQuotationTmp custTable;

SalesQuotationLine salesquotationLine;

while select * from salesquotationline //ur criteria for selection
  salesQuotationTmp.splremark == salesquotationline.splremark; 
  //add more lines as per ur requirements

Once done, create getSalesQuotationTmp() method and add the below lines:

public salesQuotationTmp getSalesQuotationTmp()

select * from salesQuotationTmp;

return salesQuotationTmp;


I added code Classes\SalesQuotationDP\setSalesQuotationDetailsTmp

That method uses custQuotationTrans. So you may have to find SalesQuotationLine related to custQuotationTrans by using InventTransId.