How to get field Values

I have two tables. I want two table information in another table. The two table all fields in the third table. How to get that fields. But that two table information is not correct order.
First table:
no name address
1 jack USA
2 Steve INS
Second table:
no name phone Number
5 jack 123456
6 Steve 789456

I want like this
No Name Address Phone Number
1 jack USA 123456


What is relation between first and second table ??

Thanks for Fast Reply.

Name field is the relation but it is not primary key.

What is No field in Both the table ???

It is not possible for create relation on Name field as it will never be unique


No field the relation but it is not primary key.

Two different tables have two different primary keys. But what I want field is the not a unique in both tables.

Something should be there relational in two tables.