How to get duties of table using x++ code

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me how can we get duties of table using x++ code in D365 ?

In AX 2012 we can reterieve it by using SysSecObjectsFromSecurableObject::GenerateData(‘PurchReqTable’,44);

Please refer the old thread…

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Any suggestions?

My suggestion is stop posting “Any suggestions?”. Such replies won’t help you get an answer, you just waste time you should use for your investigation.

Instead, you could tell us what you’re trying to achieve from the functional perspective. And/or look at add-on showing related security elements.

For your information, the add-in uses RelatedSecurityObjectsFinder class from Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Security.Management.dll (the namespace is Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Security.Management.Querying).