how to get developer work space in ax2012

plz help me

how to get developer mode in ax2012

i have done custom installation and also i hv loaded license file .

CTRL+SHIFT+W or from the multi window icon third from the right on the home screen at the top (2 left of help)

thanks for the reply…

it is also not working

i am not able to open AOT in ax2012

in MS Dynamics menu>tool>… here developer tools not available

can you tell me step by step installation process.

They are not here, which is why you cannot find them. As per my previous instructions:

in that window “new Development Work space” is in hide in my system …

how can i get it?

First I would check your security rights, then speak to the technical teams that installed it.

Check the license information in the System Administration – Licensing – License Information, If the license is ok. Then check the security rights for the user in the ax.