How to get date value from Dialog in run method ?

In AP->Vendor Transaction Report-> Added From Date and To Date in dialog()

and i am able to get the values of from date and to date also in getfromdialog(),

but in run method those two date values are null.

//class declaration

DialogField dialogFromDate;
DialogField dialogToDate;
TransDate fromDate;
TransDate toDate;



dialogFromDate = dialog.addFieldValue(typeid(TransDate),fromDate, “@SYS5209”, “@SYS26930”);
dialogToDate = dialog.addFieldValue(typeid(TransDate),toDate, “@SYS14656”,"@SYS26929");




fromDate = dialogFromDate.value();
toDate = dialogToDate.value();




if (queryRun)
while (
vendTransCheck = queryRun.get(tablenum(VendTrans));

if (fromDate || toDate)
queryRun.query().dataSourceNo(2).addRange(fieldnum(VendTrans,TransDate)).value(queryRange(fromDate, toDate));



Hi Satya,

Please go to that menuItem of the report and change the ‘RunOn’ property from server to client.

Probably menu item for your report is VendTransList.

Hi Vishal,

Thank you. I changed the menuitem running from Server to client and it worked.

But besides this i got one more solution…

Added fromdate and todate fields into currentList in class declaration and it worked also.But i don’t know what is this currentList and why is it there in class declaration ? Anyway…it worked…[:)]