How to get data from different sql instance on same network.

Hi All,

We have to integrate the HR Work data with AX 2012 R3 CU11. We have two different system for AX and HR Work.

We generated two tables on HR database and collecting the desire data in to it. Now we want to collect this data in AX either through the SQL query or X++;

How we can do that please suggest if any other way is also there.

If the last sentence mean "other way than ‘collect this data in AX either through the SQL query or X++’, then consider using DIXF and pushing data to AX through web services (this would require an application making these requests, which could be the HR application, an integration middleware such as BizTalk, or a simple service developed by yourself).

Thanks Martin,

WE have to update the HR record for history purpose also so can we do it through DIXF also?

Do you mean a record in AX or in the HR system?

If in AX, yes, DIXF supports updating the data.

If in HR, you’ll need some extra logic. What we’ve discussed so far was importing data to AX.