How to get Creation Date of a User ,Deletion Date of a user ,Deactivation date of a User ,Last login date of Active users ?

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How to get Creation Date of a User ,Deletion Date of a user ,Deactivation date of a User ,Last login date of Active users ? in the AX 2012

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Creation Date:

Creation date of any record can be found in AX, if corresponding Table’s CreatedDateTime property is enabled. Unfortunately this property is not enabled for SysUserInfo (Table) in standard AX. So, getting information about what time a user was created is hard, as long as historical data is concerned. Yet, you have choice to turn on this property from now, to track future records. For existing records you might think to take information from User Log. By saying User Log, I am referring to inquiry that shows you history about login of user for AX.

Delete Date:

This can be tracked only if you enabled Database Logging. If you have not done it yet, you have choice to so. Note that database Logging also provides of information about creation date of a record. You can setup log for all operations (Update, delete, create). But, again, as long as historical data is concerned, you have no more choice.

Deactivation date of a User:

Ax is not keeping track of when a user was enabled/disabled and how many times etc. So, as alternative you can setup database Log.

Last login date of Active users:

You can use User Log which is avaible in standard AX, it can be found at following location.

System Administration >> Inquiries >> Users >> User Log

But here, notice that it might show you log of disabled users as well, because of fact that it just keeps record of login/log out irrespective of if user have been deactivated already. So get accurate information you can think to make a join between existing data of User Log and User Info.