How to get checks printed in alphabetic order? (AX 2012)

When printing accounts payable checks, the checks appear to be printing in random order, making sorting and matching with remit advice and backup very time consuming. Any ideas how to get checks to print in alphabetic order?

Thank you

do you mean that system picking check number randomly when you are printing the checks through Functions>Generate payments?

If you defined your check method as “Fixed”, I believe you must be seeing the check number being picked in sequence.

Thank you Santosh. When we choose checks to be printed, the checks are not printed in alphabetic order. The check numbes are fine. When we run 500+ checks in a check run, this becomes a big problem. For example, a check will be printed for “Xerox”, the next for “Bob’s Services”, the next “Juno Sytems”, etc., instead of all the As, then the Bs, Cs, etc.

Does ths make sense?

HI Marc,

Did you ever figure out a way to do this? I am currently looking for a solution to the same problem. Any assistance you could offer is greatly appreciated.