how to get all icons of axapta

hi all,

can we get all icons that are stored in the axapta on a form ?

pls help.


Hi, if this is AX 2009 go to main menu in Dynamics → Tools → Development Tools → Embedded Resources.

This gives you all the icons and codes to use the resource.

thanks William,

can u suggest me ,how to get the name of images ?


Names? If you want to use an icon against a button or something you just use the Icon Code and put this in Resource in the property on that button.


I need that embedded resource id and image in a report…

How to do that in new report page??? any idea … please share it



Hi Zahir,

if you go to Dynamics → Tools → Development Tools → Embedded Resources., you will get the resource id (written there).

well , on form i have used one of the resource id for the Button image. On report if use bitmap control , then on property u can give the resource number and get the image on the report.