How to get AD user details in to Navision

Hi All,

I have a requirement to display all AD users in Active Directory with status as Active or InActive in a Report.

Please let me know that, is it possible to access the AD Users data from Active Directory database in to Navision, if yes, how to access the data from Active Directory.

Kindly revert for any further clarification

Thanks in advance.

Why do you want to do it from Navision? For such purposes are AD administrative tools…

AD Database of course is not (and can’t) directly accessible from Navision. AFAIK its not a “database” at all as we understand it, respectively, it exists in its own dedicated format, but here I might be not correct…

Hi Modris,

Thanks for your reply.

Client is using VPN and all the logins are through Windows Authuntication, because of that reason client requred AD users information.


Try this:

  1. Tools / Security / Windows logins
  2. In ID column F6 (or click arrov button) - List Form with all (visible from that PC) AD users will open - Copy/Paste it to Excel and list is yours!