how to get a path from the explorer in navision

Hi, I know that with Shell you can open the explorer but is there a way to get the path which you can see in the explorer in the adres line back to navision in a string Wendy,

What if there are multiple instances of Explorer running?

Hi Jan, I would already be glad if i could do it when there is only one explorer running. Regards, Wendy

Hi Wendy, I don’t know how to do what you’re asking to, but maybe if you explain the reason why you need it, we could find an alternative way… Regards,

Try this in 3.60: (as you can see I used a Form object :smiley: ) //** IE is an Automation Control = ‘Microsoft Internet Controls’.InternetExplorer OnOpenForm() CREATE(IE); IE.Left(50); IE.Top(50); IE.Width(640); IE.Height(480); IE.Silent(TRUE); IE.StatusBar(TRUE); IE.MenuBar(TRUE); IE.Offline(FALSE); IE.RegisterAsBrowser(TRUE); //IE.TheaterMode(TRUE); IE.AddressBar(TRUE); IE.Resizable(TRUE); IE.Visible(TRUE); IE.FullScreen(FALSE); IE.GoHome(); SLEEP(1000); MESSAGE(‘Currently surfing\ %1\ %2\ %3’, IE.LocationName(), IE.LocationURL(), IE.StatusText); OnCloseForm() CLEAR(IE);

Hi, David , I have a customer who wants to export his attachments to a dir on his hard drive,so instead of letting him type the path of the dir i tought i could make him choose the path with shell LG, thanks for the code but as i understand is this the internet explorer and i want the windows explorer Wendy,

Wendy There is a BrowseforFolder Download on, you could give that a try.

Oh, sorry 'bout that :slight_smile: well then, if the attchment is a BLOB you may use the Export with that one but otherwise try the OCX: Microsoft Common Dialog Control, version 6.0 MSComDialog.ShowSave(); MESSAGE(MSComDialog.FileName()); Sorry again for that :S

Hi, Thanks everybody for the help and Steve the ‘BrowseforFolder’ is working perfectly. Wendy,

Hi Sorry for the late answer but this will also help: Name DataType Subtype Length MyPath Text 250 ComDLG Codeunit Common Dialog Management MyPath:= ComDLG.OpenFile('Select a folder','Do Not Remove',0,'',1); IF MyPath <> 'Do Not Remove' THEN BEGIN//ESC or Cancel MyPath := COPYSTR(MyPath,1,STRPOS(MyPath,'Do Not Remove')-1); END; //MyPath is the selected folder bye André