How to get a Development License?

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know how to get a development license? What are the requirements? Is there a 1,2,3 steps list of things to do on some Microsoft page somewhere which describes what to do?

(I’ve found a few posts on this topic, but they all seem to be a couple of years old)

Thanks, Thomas.

The answer depends on if you are a customer or a partner. As a partner your license has access to the development granules and is renewed annual as long as you maintain the requirements. Which mainly involves around the business of selling and supporting NAV. As a customer you simply need to purchase the granules. No other requirements.

There is no such thing as a “Developer License”. Only “Development Granules”.

There are “Partner Licenses”, which are available only to authorized partners and not available for sale. These expire annually and are updated only if the partner remains in good standing. Mainly meaning they continue to meet the requirements of being a partner.

Then there are “End User Licenses”. These are the ones sold to NAV customers by NAV partners. A customer may choose to have the Development Granules added to this license for a fee. The amount of that fee depends on which granules are selected. The customer is not given a separate development license.

Thank you for your answer Babrown!

I am a freelance NAV consultant and need the license to develop for my customers. Do you have a link to Microsoft’s homepage describing how to get it? I know a few years ago, in order to get it, you would have to pass 2-3 exams, sign a couple of contracts and that should get you going. But I cannot find anywhere on Microsofts homepage where this is described.


You will find infomation about becoming a MS Partner here:

FYI - This is not pass a few exams and pretend to run a NAV business in order to get your hands on a license. They expect you to run a business to actually market and sell NAV. I believe there are miniumum revenue requirements in order to retain your standing as a partner.

You might inquire how other freelancers handle license access. I know some will establish working relations with NAV partners.

It was VERY long ago, maybe even before MS bought Navision, when Dev licenses were personalized and given to individuals after acquiring Developer certification.

Now things have changed, as babrown already explained above. MS is on the path of eliminating small companies from it’s Partner stack. Becoming a Partner is difficult nowadays and impossible to one-man-companies, which freelancers usually are, because minimum is TWO certified employees. Not to speak about other requirements, unreal for a small company.

Sorry, but fact.

BTW - I’m a freelancer, too, but I don’t do development, only consulting / training, mainly because this same problem with license.