How to get a customer's price for an item using AIF AX 2009

I just can’t seem to figure out how to get pricing for an item through AIF webservices. Maybe I’m going about it all wrong… here’s what I’ve been trying to do…

I have been attempting to use the:


But I cannot get the service to return any data. All I get is a timeout exception (I’ve tried timeouts up to 5 minutes - but if I cant get a result in seconds or less the service is useless anyway).

I understand how to use the webservices. I can successfully use the


Without issue. What I cannot seem to figure out are the required CriteriaElement instances necessary for the PriceList service.

Does anyone have a simple example? Or can at least tell me what criteria are required?

Criteria fields I’ve tried (from the SalesPrice datasource) include:


I tried supplying “dataAreaId” because it is listed as a field on both the SalesPrice data source and the underlying PriceDiscTmpPrintout table, but I get an exception in the AX log that says that “dataAreaId is not a field in data source SalesPrice.”

Ideally I’d like to be able to get a price based on just the customer number, item number, and quantity but if there are other required parameters I can send those as well (if only I could determine what they are!).

Did you ever figure it out?

I am having the same problem and your feedback will be much appreciated.