How to get a backup of some objects?

Hi guys! I have 2 DB ( test and Live). It’s been 2 years that i use the live DB and some changes were done in the live DB not the Test. So now, we want to restore old objects form the test DB . How can I do that? Thanks. Ps: I dont want to import objects as I will import all objects from the Test db so I want to do a backup of objects only not data from Test DB.

I think I misunderstand you, but are you talking about storing an object to a file on your hard disk and then restore it to a database ? That is what we call “FOB” files [;)] Open the object designer, mark the objects you want to save and select Export from the file menu. To restore the objects in any database, open the object designer in that database and select “Import” from the file menu. But I don’t think it is as simple as that ?

Of course you could also create a “Navision Backup” (fbk) where you untick the companies and “Data Common to all Companies”. But this will just help you to create a new database with just the objects in it and no data at all.

Thanks Thomas. I think I mismatch my self. Ok. In fact, the Live DB contain objects that are not good at all. So it’s why I want to pick old objects from the test DB which are goods ( because no change have been made on thos objetcs). Questions: What is the best way to have a good DB ?? - Export all objects from the test DB and import them into the live?? ( as I dont know dates, I cant select specific objects. The only thing I know is all those objects are good) - DO a backup of the test DB and restore only objects ( is it possible as I dont want test data in my live DB) Ps: Test and Live databases dont have same companies. I hope it’s clear now. Thanks

The best way would be to export all “good objects” as FOB and load them into a copy of your “Live” DB, use “REPLACE ALL” as option. Then test all functionality. You will definitely get a problem if you have created new fields in the Live DB which do not exist in the test DB. In this case you need to “Merge” the objects of the two databases using a compare tool like NavDevTK or Beyond Compare.

Very clear now. Thank you very much.

A safe way to manage this problem to have a third database (lets call it QA) and use that to test this process. Make a copy of the live database named QA. Export all objects from test database (inot .fob as described). In QA database import all objects. Check for errors duting import - as stated there will be problems if tables definitions have changed and there are non-null values in the new fields. You can do the import for each object type. When all objctes have been imported then you can test the processes. You can ask some freindly users to help. When you have completed these stages, noted the errors and made the corrections then you can think about doing this agaisn, for real in the Live database.