How to Generate Recurring Invoice Based on Invoice Date?

Hi All ,

In 2012 AR → Setup → Free Text Invoice Template is there and i have created aa template under that Invoice Line level

Description MainAccount From Date ToDate Quantity UnitPrice Amount

pcs 1100180 12/20/2012 3/20/2012 3.00 50 150

so in invoice line level i am adding fromdate & todate

After creating that Template select the customer and i do the RecurringInvoice

Next in AP—> Periodic → RecurringInvoice—> Generate RecurringInvoice

In that GenerateRecurringInvoice -->GeneralTab we have have a Parameters under that i have Invoice date so

My Query is when my Invoice Date is within that or equal FromDate and Todate ( Above dates) then consider the Invoice Created successfully otherwise ignore thae invoice Generating

Will you please help me any one my Query