how to generate decimal in txt in 2 decimal places?

hi all

i have quantity 1 or 2

but how to generate it become 1.00 or 2.00


try this… it will work…


…or FORMAT(TotalAmt,0,’<Precision,2><Decimals,3>’);. This will show the number like -1234.567 as “1.234,57”

wow it’s work !

thanks a lot you two :slight_smile:

how to make become 4 decimal??

example → 14.0000 or 15.8900

the problem is in my unit cost (LCY) the decimal is 5

so if like this 14.20 , it can be 14.2000

but if 5.12345, it would be 5.****

how to make become 4 decimals?