How to generate a report to show "Goods Partially Received but not yet Invoiced"


I am using MS Dynamics AX 2012 and we have several instances wherein we have suppliers posting goods to received file on our system against several purchase orders and we post them. I was wondering is there anyway to generate a report to show what purchase orders do we have lines to invoice when they are partially received.

I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

There is the accrued purchases report that is keyed to the NA/US country code/regional settings, but moving this to the UK layer should give you what you require I believe.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the above reply. I managed to get what I need from your reply, went through AOT and looked for the table related as per the hint I got from you and did a bit more digging and got the info we need. It is not yet the type of report you would release to people but it can be tweaked and for now we can use temporarily. Thanks again.