How to generate 2 pages report? The layout is diff

Hi All, We have an Axapta development request from our oversea branch. Their Finance would like to modify the report “Customer external a/c statement” with a collection letter and be able to print out in the same time. The collection letter includes some customer information, like customer account, contact person name and amont balance…, and the layout is totally different with statement report. Do you know how to generate 2 pages report? Cheers, Gem Han

Hi Gem Han, if you want to to print the customer details in another page, then you can add one more line right after sending data of CustTable: element.newPage(); … sending your cust details in new page element.newPage(); anyway, can you please explain your req more details? I am not sure I undestand you fully. regards, Khue Trinh

For example, I have a collection letter(one page only) an account statement(multi pages). I want to print the collection letter first, then print the rest of pages of statement.

There are many ways to get it. My suggestion is: - In Account statement report, add one more body with data source is the letter collection table. -override the method fetch fo Account statement: //… declaration of variables element.send(LetterCollection); element.newPage(); //… then the original code regards, Khue Trinh

Thanks a lot, Khue! Gem