How to formatting Date on Business Central Report


I want to change Date, which shows MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM AM on a report, to only show MM/DD/YYYY. However, I tried some formats but the date will disappear on the report.

format(“Invoice Date”, 0, ’ , ')

format(“Invoice Date”, 0, 4)

Does anyone know some other way to not show the time? Thank you very much.

Have you tried setting the format in Report Builder or Visual Studio (not via Code in AL)?

Is some conversion being made in Visual Studio (or Report Builder)?

When you use FORMAT, the field is a TEXT.
And a TEXT should not be formatted as a date in VS/RB…

I use word as the report layout so I’m not sure I can use other way to modify it. Thank you for the reply!

I see… Thank you very much!