How to force Dimension Display?

Hi All,

is there any possibility to force all the inventory and storage dimensions to be displayed

i) In all forms (where inventory dimensions are displayed) without using “Dimension Display” button.

ii) By default setting all the values to true for all the users as one time activity.




There is an application-level method to achieve what you describe…

I’m not sure what version of Dynamics AX you are using but you can determine which stock dimensions are displayed on forms by navigating to the “Stock Dimensions” tab on the relevant module’s Parameters form (found in the Setup folder) and ticking the required checkboxes. This behaves as a ‘global’ setting for all users.

If you can’t find these forms, let me know.

Hello ERPArchitect,

From inventory > setup > Parameters > Inventory Dimension (Choice -->InventSerial) even though all check boxes are checked, when i open “OnHand” screen from inventory > inquires > Oh hand i could not see InventSerialId since in “Dimension Display” InventSerialid is not checked.

I have given screen shot of parameter screen and dimension display.




From what I can gather the Stock Dimensions setup forms relate to transaction processing forms whereas the On Hand form is more of an Inquiry display.

Architecturally, I can see valid arguments for including/excluding On Hand from this parameter… Unless someone has a better idea, the only way you’ll get this form set globally is via a modification.

Sorry :frowning:

The on hand is set simplistically for performance reasons. If you want serial number you set it and then save the setup, then it is always there for you. The user will need to understand this functionality anyway so train them to use the standard functionality.

hi Adam,

I got the fix.:slight_smile:

In the class -->InventDimCtrl_frm, method → parmDimParmVisibleGrid, if the required field is set to “True”, then it affect all the users.

InventDimParm parmDimParmVisibleGrid(InventDimParm _dimParmVisibleGrid = dimParmVisibleGrid,

boolean _overRideUserSetup = false



overRideUserSetup = _overRideUserSetup;

if (this.sysLastValueExist() && !overRideUserSetup)

return dimParmVisibleGrid;

dimParmVisibleGrid = _dimParmVisibleGrid;

dimParmVisibleGrid.InventSerialIdFlag = true;

return dimParmVisibleGrid;




Thanks its working Fine I tested.