How to forbit direct writting in SQL tables

Could you advice me how to control writting, modifying, deleting data in Navision tables , directly from SQL ?

I mean , I want to know if some users modify data in G/L Entry table directly from SQL. The IT auditors need to verify this and to be sure that the product is safe.

(navision version is 5.0SP3, with SQL database, Windows Authentication)

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According to my knowledge this is not really possible.

If you have got the rights at the SQL server, you will be able to change records in the tables you are permitted for.

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There is no simple and good way for this. You can write triggers but i don’t recommend it .

You could do auditing to capture direct edits and capturing computer name , username and application for example. Then alert for direct edits…


If you use “Standard” security model (recommended), then your users have no rights to change data directly in SQL. Unless you have explicitly granted those rights.

First thing How user got an access to Sql Server Database and are they that much intelligent to modify the record in SQL tables directly. ???

This is really an serious issue.

Look at this links

Thanks for all your answers!