How to find who checked-in AOT objects in bulk?

Is there any way to query TFS database tables to know which AOT object is checked-in by which user? I am currently working in a team and have to find the ownership of more than 2,000 AOT objects?

I know we can see the history of an AOT object to find who checked-in the object but the thing is I have to do this activity for thousands of AOT objects. Querying TFS tables is what I want.

TFS stores data in a normal SQL database and it also offers an API, so it’s not a problem at all.

The question is what exactly you want to get. One object can have check-ins (versions) by several developers - do you want to see information about the latest version, all versions or what?

I want to see who checked-in the AOT object for the first time which would have the oldest version.

Look at Retrieving History in Version Control in the TFS Client Object Model for an example how to use the API.

You basically want to get the change of type Add for each item in version control and show the User.