How to find posted invoices for a single LedgerJournalTrans record in AR payment Journal?

Hi everyone,

I am doing a customization to generate the total of all related invoices to each LedgerJournalTrans row on the Grid for Accounts Receivable’s payment Journal as attached pic shows:

RIght now, I found the way to find the related specTrans for a certain LedgerJournalTrans row Before the Journal is posted in the following way(both single invoice for the single LedgerJournalTrans or multiple invoices for the single LedgerJournalTrans cases work well) :

while select crossCompany specTrans

where specTrans.SpecCompany == &&

specTrans.SpecTableId == _ledgerJournalTrans.TableId &&

specTrans.SpecRecId == _ledgerJournalTrans.RecId


custTransOpenLocal = specTrans.custTransOpen();

invoicesTotalAmount += custTransOpenLocal.AmountCur; //accumulates invoice(s)’ total


However, when the LedgerJournalTrans is posted, the SpecTrans is wiped out, so if the ledgerJournalTrans has only 1 invoice then I can do the following:

total for the invoice = invoiceAmount from the invoice of (_ledgerJournalTrans.invoice)

BUT, what if there are multiple invoices related to the single LedgerJournalTrans row, there is an asterisk here, how to organize the select statement? I know I am close, but I need another condition, the picture is like:

I have problem when there are multiple invoices included in the LedgerJournalTrans record, as the ledgerJournalTrans.invoice is an “*” now. How should I change? I am considering CustTrans / CustSettlement like

While select custTransLocal

where custTransLocal.TransType == LedgerTransType::Payment

join custSettlementLocal

where custSettlementLocal.TransRecId == custTransLocal.RecId

join custTransLocal_Offset

where custSettlementLocal.OffsetRecId == custTransLocal_Offset.RecId

join _ledgerJournalTrans

where _ledgerJournalTrans.Voucher == custTransLocal.Voucher

&& _ledgerJournalTrans.invoice , in this case, it’s an “*”, I cannot use it here, so should I use another way?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!