how to find particular page in rtc

hi to all pls help me,

how to find particular page in rtc … i want to know whether all pages are connected to rtc?

Go to RTC type page name in Search Box

If you by “connected” means if the page is currently added to the departments menu, then you can use the Search from within the RTC client. Just type in the name of the page. If it doesn’t show up, then it’s not connected to the departments menu.

You can do it on the basis of the Name of the page (or actually the Caption in the active language) by typing in the Search box, in the top right of the main window of the RTC.

Only pages that are made available in the active role center and the departments will show up in the search list. Pages that are only accessable through submenus or lookup fields on other pages will not show.

Does this help you?

thanks for your reply… i think my page is not connected to departments… pls help me how to connect ?

Go to Tools -->Object Designer

Click on Menusuite

Click on Dept-Country

Click on Design

Select the Menu/Department where you want out your page

Save the Navigation Pane

Restart the RTC client and check

Thanks a lot…