How to find out when last time inventory was zero

HI All,

I am developing on SSRS report, I want to know how many days before inventory was zero.

Sr. No. / Item No. / Days before inventory was Zero

May I know logic required for calculation of such days in number?

Thanks in advanced


Hi Shivraj,

This question belongs in the Developer forum, not the User forum.

To be able to know the last time inventory was zero, I think you want to know this by item and or some inventory dimensions?

The procedure to find out will be slow when you have many transactions in your system.

Find the current on-hand using the InventSum table. This has a reference to the item and inventory dimensions.
Then browse the inventory transactions in descending order on physical date and calculate if it was zero in total or not, until you have reached the last transaction. Maybe you want to group the inventory transactions summarized per date.

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