How to find inventory at a date


Is it possible, in NAV 2013 R2, to have a list of items showing the level of inventory as at a particular date? I can see ‘Availability by Period’ which does this per item, but doesn’t allow ne to view more than 1 item at a time.

Or failing that, when viewing the item ledger for a particular item and date range, what the opening and closing balance is for that range?

Any help gratefully received.


Only the Inventory Valuation Report can be used to get inventory quantities & value at particular date.

Item List ALWAYS shows total Qty of given item over all locations, ignoring entered but not posted documents - in fact, rather useless info, as it changes rapidly, plus, there might be transactions that have been taken place in real life, but not yet entered in the system (mostly incoming, as for outgoing normally a doc is prepared before the actual delivery / consumption).

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“Inventory Valuation” is also to be used with caution. It specifically calculates the inventory that can be revalued, which, depending on the valuation method, might not be the quantity at hand at (end of) the date.

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