How to find form from extended data types name

Greeting All,

Currently i involve in project that need me to change decimal places from 2 decimal to 4. To do so, i change value in

AOT > Data Dictionary > extended data types. Now the problem is i need to find back which form is using the Edt so i can justify how many form will affected for this changes.

Need help to to this. thanks :slight_smile:

*my project is using Dynamic AX 2012 CU7.

below are the list of edt i changed;










HI Imran,

You can right click on the EDT mentioned, Add Ins–>Cross-reference. Use those options under it, will list the complete cross references for the selected EDT.

You can refer to MSDN link, for more information Cross Reference Tool



Well, that will be a huge list. Things like amount, quantities and names are everywhere. Are you really sure that you want to change these types across AX? You would be also forced to change additional types, because you have to deal with situations when a value of an adjusted EDT (with four decimal places, for example) is assigned to a field with another EDT (with two decimal places). And you probably won’t be able to analyze that if you change such generic types.

If you still want, you can use Data Reference Searcher (documentation) to find all fields used by your changed EDTs. Then you can write a script to look at cross-references for each field and extract form names.

Hi Ragrav,

I’ve use this function before and this is only to listing all the related field, not until form level.

Hi Martin,

Yes, i aware the list will be a lot. but dont have any other choice.

Thanks for your documentation but i unable to open zip file u provided. not sure is it because of country security restriction. If u can give me by email it will be great. (

*the Data Reference Searcher not covered until Dynamic AX in documentation.

**Dynamic AX 2012

I fixed the link, there was a space at the end of the URL. You may need some minor adjustments for AX 2012.


Thanks for file, i will do changes in 2012. Hope can finish ASAP. [:D]