How to find fields in particular tables

Various times I wasnt to write a new report and I want to Pick and choose what fields I use. i then have to search the various tables to see if the field I want is in the table. I want to use the fewest number of tables when i write a report. Is there any way to work backwards and find ALL of the tables a particular field is in?


A lot of tables use the same field names. i.e. Document No., Line No., etc…

Maybe I should be clearer. Let’s say I am looking at the field “customer No.” Is there any way I can find every table that has the field “customer no.” in it?


Use Developer tool kit where used…

Unfortunately I am a user and do not have a developers license. I was hoping there was someway I could do this w/out the license.

Why would you need to know every table that has"customer no" on it.
Think about your report and what you are trying to accomplish.
you can also use GET and FIND to pull data from other tables as well as linking them in a report.

Can you give an example of a report you wanted to make and couldn’t find a field you needed?

wat is the use of simulate production order? can anyone explain briefly…

wat is the use of simulate production order? can anyone explain briefly…

[1] Why Simulation?

[2] The purpose?

[3] The benefit?

I am not familiar with GET and FIND. Can you lead me to information?

Get, Find & Next Functions

Introduction to C/AL

You can download the Application Designers Guide From Here: (w1w1adg.pdf) It has a section on Reports.

read the help documents…

I am newbie in this field. Google is your friend Go to google ask him. It gives you the best solution.

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ya i understand your prblm but there is no option for find columners in NAV…

i`m also having the same problem if anyone hav sollution… pls help us…

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