How to find bom items for a particular order in PalnnedOrderDetails of a Master planning module in Ax 2009

Hi All,

In Master Planning module–>Common forms–>Planned order details.

When i open this form, i can able to see all planned orders. Now i am selecting any one record in that form and clicking Inquiries–>Exposion, then i can able to see all bom items which are required to make the previously selected item as finished goods. Now how can we find these bom items coming on what basis.


The explosion would tell you, otherwise navigate to the referenced order and see it - it all depends upon the settings, demand and plan.

where can i see referenced order, on what basis these raw items getting filtered?

In the top section you have the reference and then in the overview you have it in grid formation. In the bottom section you have how these will be fulfilled and the “Number” column is the planned order in the explosion.

In line it showing different item numbers, references and Number in line but as you said in header reference item number and number is only one. In line showing different numbers and item ids. How these items are filtering based on header.

I am not sure I understand the sentence. The components from the explosion will be on planned orders themselves (or indeed actual orders or stock) and these planned orders could be an amalgamation and if you navigate to it you can see it and then the pegging. In essence you jump between them, but it depends why you want to do this.

Based on line items reference type , in planned order details form header i need to add one field and if all line items reference type is onhand then filed value is Yes checkbox or need to display another image. If any one line item reference is not onhand then need to show No check box or anther type of image.