How to find account name relating LedgerJournalTrans ans LedgerTrans in AX 2009 ?

In AX 2009 in Day book report,account name is coming from LedgerTrans.

But i want those names should come from LedgerJournalTrans.

We have two relations between LedgerTrans and LedgerJournalTrans.

  1. Voucher and 2) TransDate

When i filtered both the tables by one particular voucher and transdate i found the same exact records but having different account name.But tme amountCur(LedgerTrans) and amountCurDebit(LedgerJournalTrans) are same.Now how to find which account is having which amount.For example :

LedgerTrans Account Name A B C voucher X

AmountCur 10 20 30

LedgerJournalTrans Account Name D E F voucher X

AmountCurDebit 10 20 30

Now in report account name displays A 10 but i want D 10

Is there any reason on why do you want D instead of A?

And please explain what data the report shows among the all lines in a voucher? Explain about your voucher as well?

Hi Kranthi,

If there are multiple entry and using same offset account ->bank ,in that case all same vendor names are displaying which is same vendor.But customer wants all the transactions names.

How can i get those names from LedgerJournalTrans ,is it possible ?

So you are using a multi line voucher, What is the source of data in that report?

Only LedgerTrans

Can i get Journal Names from LedgerJournalTrans instead of LedgerTrans ?

I don’t see any such relation, so you may not get the required data by using the ledgerTrans.

Journal name will be in LedgerJournalTable

That means for multiple line voucher entry this customization can not be done ? or Any other option i can achieve by .creating or changing report by adding datasource LedgerJournalTrans only ?

Do you have any other idea ?