How to filter data which is bound to a displayMeth

Hi, I want to add find button to LedgerJournalTable that shows queryPrompt windows. In this window user input a voucher criteria. After that GridOverview in LedgerJournalTable must be filtered based on given voucher criteria. Notes; Voucher field is bound to dispVoucher displayMethod. This method is in LedgerJournalTable. And it simply returns corresponding voucher from LedgerJournalTrans.

Hi, You can’t add a filter on a display method on a table. I think that it wouldn’t be possible at all. You can have any code in there. How would the kernel interpret the code in each method to make the proper experssions to send to SQL? Filters may be added on a field. A solution would be to populate a temporary table with the values in your field, link this table to the original through inner join, and make the filter on the temp. Regards, Ciprian