How to fetch the data of Sales order?

when a sales order is confirmed, System will print the information of the sales order. Then how to fetch these data? and how to transfer parameters? Please tell me something about it if you know. Thank you for your replies.

Hi Royhuyj. is this a CRM question?

hi David, No, It’s not CRM question. when a sales order is confirmed, I want to fetch sales order data before these data is printed. Could you tell me how to do? thanks.

Hi royhuyj, you have posted in the CRM developer forum, that’s why I asked. Let me know whcih product you are working with (Navision, Axapata, Great Plains), and I will move it tot he correct forum. [:D]

Hi David, I am so sorry for it. I should post this question in the Axapta Developer forum. So you move it. Thanks the same.

Hi ROYHUYJ, Could please tell us more details? that means you want to print the another confirmation after posting??? After posting to confirmation, data will be stored in CUSTCONFIRMJOUR CUSTCONFIRMTRANS Try to use this 2 tables.

Well, it’s hard to tell from your description, but I bet there is a query passed into the report, and if not - it’s formed in the report itself. In the init() method of the report, for example, you can call a method of your own (in your own class, for example) and pass the query as a parameter Then, in your method you can use the passed query to create a QueryRun object and manage the data whichever way you need. Good luck!

Ok, thanks all very much. I have solved this problem.