How to extract the records in UtilElements Sytem Table


I need to create a query to show: GroupId, DomainID, PARENTID,Id,ELEMENTNAME,ACCESSTYPE, so I am using this table ACCESSRIGHTSLIST,

But then I need to show the Element Tree, so, for that I need to query the table UtilElements and/or UtilIdElements.

I am not an AX developer, but I have access to the AOT. I am creating the query using SQL Server.

How can I extract the table records in order to import it in my own database and use it to query?

Additionally, do you know any query/view in AX (SQL Server view or table) that could be a best solution that the one I am developing?

Your version of AX is apparently 2009 or older. These versions don’t store information about application object in database, that’s stored in application layer files. Therefore it doesn’t make much sense trying to build your query in the database layer.

If you really wanted to do that, you would have to create a script to iterate UtilElements/UtilIdElements and save data to database. That would be trivial (especially with insert_recordset), but you would have to run it every time when code changes.


What about if I want to extract each permissiones granted to a group?

I need basically GroupId /Name, Permission (View, Edit, NoAccess, Full Control, Add) and the tree view of the node /menu in Axapta?

Is there a way to get such information? The export functionality to txt is not showing that info in a good way… maybe a query to the database could be better so…

Do you have something similiar?

Take a look at User group permissions report (Administration > Reports > Security) - it provides roughly the same information you’re looking for.

Hi martin,

I am looking for a utility in AX or a report to provide me list of AOT elements modified for a date.

I am not able to locate utilelements table in AX 2012. Can you help me out please.



UtilElements table still exists in AX 2012, nevertheless it’s just a view to model tables. Using model tables (e.g. SysModelElementData) is much more efficient.

You’ll find them under AOT > System documentation > Tables.

Or you may want to use a version control system.