How to Export the Excel File without the hide columsPosted

User want to export the Excel File on thr Form without the hide colums that user selected.

Because the speed of export is slow ,the user want to hide the column so that they can do it quickly.

this export function is a customize programe not the standard programe .

i save the record to table370 (Excel Buffer) and export it.

How to save the hide colums???

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presently 'm working on something similar to this. Are you saying you cant generally export the hide fields? how did you hide it? through properity or code? cause i did it with simply hide option and if i want it to appear we can code the case for its appearance!

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I dont want to export the hide fields .

through view → hide column i hide the fields.


I dont want to export the hide fields .

through view → hide column i hide the fields.

I’m not sure I understand your question - you want to know whether a control on a form is hidden or visible?

Try with CurrForm.ControlName.VISIBLE - it’s a boolean expression.

So your problem is the hided columns should not get exported to the excel file.

Logically if you hide a control by selecting view->Hide Column, The visible property of the control will be changed to NO. So that before export to the excel file you just check

if CurrForm..VISIBLE then

{Here do your export process}


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after i selected view->Hide Column ,The visible property isn’t set to NO immediately.

I have to closed the form and reopen it then The visible property set to NO .

Try to use CurrForm.UPDATE and/or CurrForm.UPDATECONTROLs