how to export import JUST master file

hai all

how to export / import just for master file?

for example i just want to export for no series or dimension only…

cause my company using several database for different year

so, the setup must input again one by one

do you have better idea to export from the old one and then to import it to the new one?


all the answer is very appreciated

The best way it’s to use dataports. In a clean way, you can export import and master information in one action.

In version 4 (SP2 or 1 I cannot remember) the setupchecklist has an import and export function. I believe this is based upon the RIM templates which caontained lots of issues, but they are intended as a user friendly approach where dataports are too complicated for the user. You could try these (just test them thoroughly).

if we export / import from report

is it more powerful than using dataport?

because i want to export/import several table at the same time

I suggest to use the migration objects which come along with the Rapid Implementation Methodology. This function allows you to import and export single and multible tables at the same time and in different formats (xml, xls). You can also define which column you want to import or export. Migration tables are very similar to the excel mapping tool in the setup-checklist form but in my oppinion more advanced .

We are using the migration tables in order to create master files which makes the implementation of Navision at the clients place in same way easier and faster. But be carefully because every clients has its own specific working processes and therefore you cannot predict someones business processes. But to a certain level you can define standard data which are the same for nearly all companies.

For importing the whole master file at once you have to create an xml file (with the migration table) which consist of you chosen tables and columns. So you got all table in one xml file. Then you create a new company with no data entries. After you created you new company you have to lunch object form 8622 Company setup. This form offers you to import your xml master file created before. I think the 8622 Company setup form is not standard which means that it is included with the RIM pack.



The setup checklist is a nice tool to use called ‘Excel Mapping Tool’.

Object Designer: Form #8601 (Mapping).

It maps out the master file fields.

Use what you want and delete what you don’t want in Excel!
Data is now manageable in Excel.

Give it a try. Just be careful if you import the data file multiple times.
Try something simple, Export the Cronus USA customer master file.

Create a new company and import the information (Excel format with proper fields) and see how the data comes over.
Try skipping the Search Name and see if the Validation kicks in to populate the field “Search Name”.

You can create as many different mappings and have the system save it to be used later on when you need import the file again. (Save many projects for exports/imports)