How to Export hardcode value by XMLPORT

Hello All,

What I want to do is, when I open Item Journal

will export a csv file by using xmlport, which will include following fields

header title and few field from table line.

I am able to export header title.

But as we do not have any entry in table(in this case table 83) so I am not able to export even hardcode value from xmlport. I want to export

Template Name = whatever selected

Batch Name = whatever selected

Line No = 10000

Entry Type = Negative Adjmt

how can I do that?

Thanks in advance.


SImple solution is to do a count of lines within the filter. If the number is zero then initialize a new line and insert it before you start exporting the file.In Put the code in the OnBefore-trigger - should not take you more than 3-5 mins to do.

Thanks Palle for reply.

Sorry my mistake, I think I did not explain properly. You did not get my requirement.

There never ever will be data in item journal when I export file.

When I will export file, xmlport will create header title and batch name and template name(please see attached csv screenshot).

Then I will edit this exported file, will put Item No, Location and Quantity. (will put n no. of lines in csv file) and then i will import it .

I will give two buttons on ribbon of Item Jrnl page, one for export and one for import.

Please see attached csv file screenshot. I will insert data in this file(only in Item No, LOC and QTY) and then will import to create item journal.

I did same thing, but in that case Purch Ord No. was available.


Well, No records exists in table 83 so there is NOTHING you can export! So you HAVEto create a line, just a blank one. Because when you do that it will get initialized with

A Template Name,A Batch Name and Line No as 10000.