how to enter a value in item ledger entry


I want to enter a weight in different UOM in item ledger entry i have added a field but it is saying a item ledger cannot be altered

Can i do that is there any soution to do that


My actual require ment is i just want to display 2 UOM’s in item ledger entry .

How to get this

Hi Yasho,

The data in Ledger Entries should never be entered directly, generally it comes from posting routines.

These 2 UOM should be entered either in Journals or relevant orders from where data will flow to Ledger Entries.

Hope this helps.

why do you want 2nd uom in ILE, while you have Item Unit of Measure table for uom conversion. if you want to present the 2nd uom, you only need to calculate the conversion from Base UOM in Item and Code in Item Unit of Measure.

What are you trying to achieve? (this is different answer from what you think you want to do)

You can check the option given in the following post of Mibuso