How to enter a requisition for payment

Hi! Could you please tell me how to enter a requisition for payment. And what should we do to enter actual payment after this requisition? Thanks in advance.

I suppose you want to create an invoice? The form for that you’ll find in “Sales & Receivables”. Cash receipt journals you can find there as well. The module needs a lot of setup before you can use it. Regards KH

In fact I want to enter something like a request for money. Let’s look at the following situation. Some employee is responsible for cash pays to vendors or service suppliers (in Russia it’s a usual thing to pay to vendors in cash). This employee prepares plan of expenditure and according to this plan he makes requisitions for payment and delivers them to financial department. The main information that is contained in this requisition are the sum of money he needs and the date by which he needs them. Perhaps the term “requisition for payment” isn’t correct in this case. If so could you please give me the correct term.

I would say the functionality in Navision which is closest to your demands you can find in: Purchases & Payables, Payment Journals, in there you find a “Payment” menu button and the first function is “Suggest vendor payments”. You can use several Batches vor several weeks and suggest for a certain range of “Due” invoices.

As far as I can see the “Suggest vendor payments” function displays in the journal all unclosed invoices satisfying the filters you set in the form.

This sounds like an expenditure, which is used in budgetary accounting (typically Not for Profit and Government accounting procedures). Could you use a quote? Create a quote and send it as a request for funds. When the request is approved, make the quote into an order.

A possible way to request the payment amounts is to have the employees create a purchase journal (or payment journal) with the date, the vendor to pay and the amount. Don’t give the employee permission to post the journal. Once the journal is ready, the financial department can post the journal against the bank or cash account. When creating the journal the date should be the required date. You could setup batch names for each employee so they go into “their own” journal batch. Cheers Peter