How to enable packing slip in purchase order form

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Hi everyone,

My scenario is packing slip should be enabled,when the Spec Qty is equal to the raise Qty which in image file…

…This window pops when i raise a lengths from Inventory (Length) button in above window.

6886.5-10-2011 2-57-37 PM.png

My question is i done some coding in the class to the Packing slip(menu button) but that button is still disabled…I can’t understand why?So, i placed this images…Plz tell me where i have done wrong…Plz help me…

What code you have written there???

It has to be a code Issue. Somewhere buttonUpdatePackingSlip is getting disabled. Try debugging the code and find out where exactly its getting disabled. or provide the code here so that we can try getting something out of it.