How to enable menu button for particular user

Hi Experts,

Issue path: General ledger → Journals → General Journals. In that form, user can’t create new journal because menu button of from disabled.

How to enable menu buttons of the general journal form for particular user id. Urgent issue, Help me to resolve this.

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Writing code for that is a horrible idea and it wouldn’t work. These wrong suggestions just confuse people and turn them off the solution.

AXDeveloper, the first thing you must realize is that it’s not about a button. It’s about whether the user can create a record in the table, regardless if he uses the button, Ctrl+N or some other approach.

And these things are control by permissions. AX 2012 uses role-based security, where every user has one or more roles and each role has some associated permissions. It seems that the user doesn’t have the role he or she needs. Therefore one approach is assigning a different role (documentation: Assign users to security roles). If there is no suitable role, you can modify an existing one or create a new one.

There is no reason for writing code for such a thing, doing that would break the ability to configure role-based security and (as already mentioned) it’s about Create permissions for the table, not about enabling a button.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your Solution, by assigning roles to particular user ID. It’s worked finally.