how to enable and disable form controls in through check box in ax 2012

any one reply me where i can write the logic in form

Where to write your logic depends on what you want to achieve.

Please get used to provīding more information. We can’t help you if you don’t explain your problem in sufficient detail.

as Martin says please try to give more details for the issue, if you wan to hide and show control when you click the checkbox and when the form opens it should consider if checkbox is ticked or not,

you need to store the checkbox as the table as enum field value with yesNo value, so when you click on checkbox it will be modified method, and on the form intialization it will be datasource active or init method you can use to enable or disable the controls,

to enable or disable the controls you need to set the autoDeclaration property to yes. and you can use enable(true) or enable(false) in the code