How to Duplicate SSRS Report in AX2012

How to Duplicate SSRS Report in AX2012

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AX2012 … in tools u cna’t find … duplicate option… //

once chk and confirm…

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This option is not available by standard.

You have to write to the author to get this tool.

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I created a ssrs report (ex: ssrs Name is CopyOfSalesQuotation, designName is CopyOfReport) from duplicate function follow steps above. I want to call ssrs report “CopyOfSalesQuotation” from MenuItem Output in AOT, how must i do?

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First create a Menutiem for tat copied Srsreport in Output. and u can run the report from AOT.


There is a workaround:

  1. Create a new report in aot, export the new report AND the existing report you need to copy, then open both XPOs in notepad,

  2. Copy the NAME from your new report xpo and REPLACE ALL the name in existing report xpo with your new name,

  3. Copy the ORIGIN (a long key in curly braces)from your new xpo and replace all it in existing report xpo.

  4. Copy the report business logic reference from your new file to existing(if any), then import the new modified existing xpo in aot,

This will create a working duplicate of existing report

It is very easy to duplicate a SSRS report in AX 2012.

You can do it from the Aplication Explorer of Visual Studio. Simply locate the report to duplicate and do right-click → Duplicate.

After add the report to the AOT and you’ll see the new report in AX AOT.



here is very good link for this topic…

This is my own solution to duplicate SSRS report with no error