How to drag existing EDT from Application explorer to another module project

I am getting hands on the Dynamics 365 Operations development.

I have created a new module called FleetManagement and created a project inside the module. i have added a table to the project. i want to create a field by dragging CustAccount EDT from Application explorer to current project table field. i am getting below error. Is there any way i can directly drag and drop the EDT from Application explorer to the new table if the modules are different. Or how to make reference of the source element module in the target element’s module.

Thanks for the reply


You’re doing a wrong thing. You can’t put the EDT to a project for a different model (in this case, the EDT is defined in Application Suite model, so you can’t put it to a project for Fleet Management). But that’s not what you need.
You said that you want to create a field, therefore you should open the table in the designer and drag the EDT to the designer, not to the Solution Explorer.
Of course, the package containing Fleet Management must have a reference to Application Suite.

Hi Martin,

I got the error when i tried dragging and dropping the EDT from Application Explorer to the Table > Fields in designer.
I see the error message talks about module incompatibility, so I want to know how i can make sure Fleet Management have a reference to Application Suite. Thanks for the reply.

Ok, i got it Martin. i have updated the Fleet Management model to have Application Suite reference by going to menu item “Dynamics 365 > Model Management > update model parameters” and selected Application Suite check box. Now i am able to drag and drop to the Table designer view. Thanks for your suggestion.