How to do reverse entry? v5sp1

Hi all,

Anyone know how to do reverse entry?

Where to go? How to Do?

version: v5sp1

For which entry you want to do reverse?

hi mohana,

i would like to reverse bank entry, i am handling some issues where user are reversing via g/l> account> ledger entries> select entry> navigate> select bank> reverse.

i suspect there is some issue here as user reported instead of having a neagtive value, it give positive value which is similar to the original ones. (eg:original value:$100, an expected reverse i presume would get -$100, but user get $100 instead)

Did you check this in base database?

I tried this in Cronus India database…it is working fine…

Hi Mohana,

what happen when user post a journal (J哦urn-11-0191, amount -$100) with empty document type?

I didn’t post any entry

I have 2 bank ledger entries with amounts (-8,054,014.39) and 185,448.90

When I Click reverse transaction it created 2 new entries with 8,054,014.39 and (-185,448.90).

You can try this this in Base Database…

hi mohana, do i find out if the initial payment was used to paid which invoice document?

2.if i do a reverse of the payment another line will appear with similar document no?