How to do mailings

I want to do massive mailings (from Outlook) with Attain 3.70 but I can’t. I think it can do it from Segments and Interaction templates or on Codeunit 397 you can find information about it, but I think is difficult. How can I do that?. Thanks.

Define “assive” in this context.

I mean to several recipients at the same time. For example send an offer to customers of the same market group. Thanks.

OK, I thought you meant like spamming or something. It alwasy a it of a problem, since COntacts are designed to get one email each, CC never really works the way uyou want it to. Its a good idea, in that each email is individually logged, but it does tend to eat up SMTP forwarding, and sometimes spam filters will just kill it. Still its not insurmountable, and there are easy work arounds, for example if you are using exchange, just create groups in excehange, and send to the groups.

Ok. Thank you for your help.

No Problem, when you get it working, please post here what you did to help the next person.