How to do Email attacment of text file which is generating at run time in ax ?

Hi All,

There is a text file which is generating at run time in AX. I want to attach that runtime generate file with my Email attachment and sending to vendor email address.

The dificulties is there in Ax 7 that we can not use any dedicated(Static) location to storing the file and peek that file from that location and attach to email .

So if u have any solution for that kindly share.



You’re asking in the user forum, so the answer it that the your should download the generated file and attach it as any other file from on your local machine.

Thanks for your reply Martin.
Sorry for wrong forum confusion!!!

But I doesn’t need to store the file anywhere but at the run time when the file will generating that time i need to attach it to mail and send to recipient .
is this approche possible ?


Does “Sorry for wrong forum confusion” mean that you wanted to ask somewhere else? Maybe in the developer forum? Please give us clear information, we can’t just guess what you want.

I see you created another thread for this question, so let me to add a link to it and lock this thread.

I would have moved this thread to the developer forum if you made clear what you intended to do.