how to display vendor address on the PO Print??

i want to show vendor address and contact details on PO Print

the vendor name only is showing

please help urgently

Hi Ahmed,

If the printed fields are available in the datasource, you can add them to your design. Else i would suggest to use display method on the table.



thanks jurre

i could do this by adding the desired data into the address tab in vendor details form

but you suggested to use display method on the table

well the table is VendPurchOrderJour how can i use this display method on the table

and what does this means???


In the respective table, write a display method like,

display Addressing vendorAddress


return VendTable::find(this.orderaccount).address;


just paste the same code in ur table new method… then create a string field in ur report and associate the data method with this display method nAME

thats it