how to display the column heading using programmable section on next page

In my Report,I have displaying the column heading by using Programmable
> section.the first page it comes,bcz first time i have execute the
> programmable section.but the next page the column heading not shown.
> my query is,
> how to know the report ( records) goes to next page? i want, each page
> displaying the column heading using programmable section. how to do?
> thanks in advance..
> regards,
> vaibhav

Wecome to Dug!!!

On Report Section there is property Called PrintonEveryPage Set this property to Yes for desire section to print on every page.

As well as Enable property Newpageperrecord on Report Dataitem for displaying new record on different page.

it’s auto designed report.n dere is no such property present in programable section

Check on Section Property U will find that.

Can you confirm that you are using NAV / Navision and not another technology?

Hi ,


but in initfromargs method of class it is throwing error

‘‘wrong arrgument type in variable assignment’’

could anyone please help me

Thanks in advance