How to display Static Text Thru Form Notes in Report?


I want to display Static Text in the Report. This Static Text is saved in Form Notes(setup–>Forms–>Form Notes). This Static Text Field is coming from FormLetterRemarks Table. So how to link this FormLetterRemarks Table and our Table. I saw some Examples like sales invoice, Sales Packing slip. In this classes there is no link b/n 2 tables.

Please help me how to link and display this Static Text in Report.



You can get the notes from FormLetterRemarks table by using the find method which requires the formTextType and the language

Example: formLetterRemarks = FormLetterRemarks::find(custCollectionLetterJour.LanguageId, formTextType);

You may need to a custom formTextType in your case(modify the FormTextType enum), if not use the existing, and fetch information related to the type in the above described manner.

Hi kranthi,

Thanks for giving this valuable suggestion. I crate a new enum Element in FormTextType and write some Text in FormNotes Form.

And write the Following code in Process Report of RDP class:

formLetterRemarks = FormLetterRemarks::find(InventQualityOrderTable.LanguageId, formTextType::InventQualityOrderTable);

In InsertintoTmpTable:

TmpTable.Text = formLetterRemarks.Txt;

But The Report does not display the Text. pls help me where I can modify the code.



Try to debug the code and findout whether it returns a value

I try to debug this code but it opens the report, not call the code, it returns empty text

Yout must open the debugger before,