How to display Qunatity in the Item detail form in Dynamic ax 2009?

Hello every one,

i want to display quantity of the item in the item detail from in Dynamic ax 2009. So please tell me how to display Quantity in the item detail form?

And another question is that in the item detail form “Volume” field is come so what is used for this field? it is display any quantity?

I think you are talking about the onhand quantity of an item…

The onhand is already available

If you want the same to be displayed in the InventTable form put the same thing in the form,

Which quantity? on hand, physical, available, by site, by warehouse, by locaiton, by batch, by serial number etc etc.

Go back to the client requesting this and explain why it would not be easy, and how simple it is to use the on hand button or the on hand view.


Thanks for reply and sorry for the not completed question.

Requirment :

I want to integrate MDAX to third party site for that i used AIF service for integration. Now i want to fetch item data for that i used itemservice.svc services. But in this service their is not filed like quntity. So i find that qty is in the itemonhandservice.svc service. so my question is that their is any field in the itemservice.svc that represent the qty.

First time i see the itemservice.svc their is “Volume” field. So i can used that field for qty???

I want to synchronize my third party side order with MDAX for that i used salesorder service but in this can we put final order means completed because in the order status their is nothing like “Completed”??

Please guid me what to do?.

Whether you are sending the item onhand data dimension wise???

Put a field in inventTable and update the field by writing job before sending the data to third party…

I think the volume field will not survive your purpose…


The volume field is to indicate the number of items you want to pack and ship at once.

But, i can’t understand what are you looking for…

Generally, if you want to raise item count, it can be done by quantity adjustment, counting journal. You can’t enter the item quantity in the main item details form.

If i’m wrong, pls correct me…

The final order status you are saying is, nothing but ‘invoiced’ status in AX


thanks for replay for every one,

for the item qty now i used itemonhandservice.svc service and get the item qty detail.

Now my question is that in dynamic ax order system their is any thing like shipping detail and tax detail. How i enter all the detail like shipping and tax detail with each order using “salesorderservice.svc” service. I want to import all the order from “Magento” to “Dynamic ax”. All the integration is done but i don’t know how the shipping detail and tax detail enter in the dynamic ax because in the magento each and every order have different shipping and tax.

e.g. if i put one order in magento and take item from India so for the India i got different shipping detail same as if i put one order and take item from USA then i got shipping detail which is related to USA . so now i want to import this two order in the Dynamic Ax. For that i used this two services for importing order from the third site.

  1. customerservice.svc : Using this service i can find and create the customer

  2. salesorderservice.svc : Using this service i can create the order (But i don’t know how to enter the shipping and tax detail)